Amazon Cloud Services – Nexus becomes a partner

Last month, Nexus joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) community and last week did the initial training that aligns our deep technology skills with the AWS product set.  It was pretty easy to make a decision to join Amazon; the services they offer are ubiquitous – every business has a requirement for something in the vast product range.   We have lots to say about cloud generally and AWS specifically, which will get posted here and other places as we fit it in amongst actually providing solutions, but here are a few thoughts in the meantime.

Q: Hey Nexus, doesn’t cloud replace the hardware sales that you need to survive?

A: No.  Nexus is a services company.   Moving your applications to the cloud doesn’t change the service delivery all that much.  On day one, an image loaded from AWS S3 (one of the storage bits – there are lots of moving parts in AWS) will be beautifully patched.  But only for that day – after that it is the customers responsibility, along with a bunch of other things which are set out on this AWS slide at a high level.



Data, Applications, Identity and Access Management?  Operating systems and firewalls?  This is what we already do, the value that we add to customer sites.  AWS is a perfect match for Nexus.

Q: So what’s next for Nexus AWS plans?

A: Watch this space.  Nexus already have some traditional application hosting and ‘traditional’ (insofar as something this new can be traditional) infrastructure replacement projects that are headed to AWS.   We think that leveraging some of the storage capabilities of AWS for a more complete and elastic DR solution, one that integrates with existing technology investments like Symantec Back-up Exec and Veeam for example, is a high value low risk proposition for clients.

Lots more to say on AWS and cloud in upcoming posts.

Sean Murphy

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