Another great engineer graduates

Last Friday we had what started out as a little party at the office, with Sanjith Mohan having his last day at Nexus IT as a regular full time employee. Sanjith has spent the best part of the last three years leading the services delivery on our Network and Security practice, helping us simplify and improve the often over-complicated and arcane world of IP networking, edge security and fire-walling.

When it came time to say a couple of things about Sanjith, it was once again very easy to be complimentary.  Nexus IT authorises and empowers smart and capable engineers, which means that we completely trust them with clients and partners.  As good as our account managers are, engineers are the real deal; it was a founding concept that the best engineering team ever would have this backing by the business. Sanjith exemplified delivering against that, as well as delivering a new level of professionalism in his daily dealings with the whole Nexus community.

A couple of other things stood out that night.  The first is, as you can see in the photo, there were a bunch of engineers who don’t work here (well, dont work full time, right now, is probably more accurate) any more … but they came back to spent the evening with us and farewell Sanj.  I think that speaks to our success in building a genuine team culture here and it makes me proud.

The second is that we continue to deliver on adding greatly to the individual skills and experiences of the whole team, although it is easiest to measure with the engineers.  Great vendor partnerships allow our suppliers to be a real part of our community.  An insistence on ongoing training and certification for everyone, builds skills – we need knowledge to deliver knowledge.  And we have client engagement that meets the technology and business needs, but respects the IT teams’ time and organisation’s budgets, forcing not just correct but also creative solutions to the challenges we solve and the answers we provide.

So as well as the fact that Sanjith has done the hard work and gained a Masters in IT from UTS off his own bat, we can be satisfied, and he was kind enough to thank us for, genuinely adding depth and breadth to his already excellent skill set.

Best of luck, mate, and no doubt – like the others who treat us like Hotel California, although you have checked out I dont imagine its that easy to leave.


Sean Murphy

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