Nexus and Nimble get some press + a case study

We have mentioned Nimble storage before, but can now announce our successful implementation of Nimble at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM).   There is much more detail in the links below to the case study section of this site, a formal Nimble case study PDF and an article in the Australian press and web editions, but an executive summary is:

  • Nexus introduced Nimble to AIM, as it was a perfect match to their requirements for simplicity in management, a solid storage hardware foundation for a mainly Microsoft on VMware requirement and an amazing data replication technology to allow much better DR with almost no management overhead.
  • Nimble very elegantly introduced the technology, with Nexus engineers alongside, and AIM very quickly decided in favour of buying two Nimble platforms, which we delivered and installed within weeks.
  • The solution has lived up to its promised and AIM IT and management have graciously allowed a public case study of this very cool solution

In the meantime, Nexus has been engaging closely with Nimble Storage; we have bought a Nimble platform for our own infrastructure (drinking our own champagne, although our aspirations to show the box off are sometimes stymied by the fact of running our critical business apps on the box!), solved some customer challenges with new implementations in a large and successful advertising agency and a major licensed club with more to come.

The technology promise of Nimble, which uses hybrid flash and smart software to deliver amazing performance and real-time compression, amongst other benefits is absolutely met in the real world.  The real pleasure though comes from a refreshingly straightforward FUD-free engagement from the great people at Nimble in Australia, where a great team are doing some amazing work – its nice to deal with gracious people and that flows through to what Nexus can do with customers and partners alike.


The case study via our own website.

The PDF of our AIM Nimble case study.

The Article in The Australian (or via Nimble if The Oz’s paywall gets in the way)

Sean Murphy

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