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After some virtual paperwork hurdles, Nexus is now a Telstra T-Suite Partner able to provide licensing for Office 365 Editions.  I am going to try Office 365 fancy edition shortly and look forward to providing some feedback on that in an upcoming post.  However, some other guys here are way ahead of me on the Office 365 journey, including creating some very fancy spreadsheets that help define the business case as well as having Microsoft certifications in the licensing ninjutsu required to understand and explain the wide range of benefits (number of devices, amount of storage, Exchange online + more).

I already have amazing remote access via an almost embarrassing number of avenues – the one I think is most clever currently is logging on to my desktop using the Remote Desktop Server built into Windows Server 2012 (required: Windows Server 2012 and a Remote Desktop Server Client Access License (sorry – technical link – the marketing stuff was too vague)).  This allows me to access my desktop, as it is – mid key stroke if that was the way I left it, at the office, remotely.   The experience is very usable and damned impressive.

More on this – Office 365, Citrix Rolls Royce access and remote desktops generally – soon.  (I am looking forwards to some robust testing on various devices, just quietly)

Sean Murphy

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