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Markus Strazds has just moved from a five and half year stint as first a support engineer and then heading up the then new development team at Nexus.  Here is his note to us as he moves into a consulting and contracting arrangement with us that gives him room to move on some third party projects and heading up our ‘Big Data for Small Business’ initiative.   We publish this here as we think this captures the essence and the passion of a Nexus engineer.

When I came to Sydney six years ago. I had no idea where my future might lie. I had worked for companies overseas like British Telecom and AIG but hated it. I saw a unique job opportunity that offered career development and provided support responsibilities that seemed a perfect chance to realise my skills. I met with Emma, she loved me, and soon I was hired.

I started supporting clients like TPG, YHA and the MCA. I was provided ample opportunities to fix server issues that were mission critical in all of their operations, but moving from desktop to server support was intimidating. In the end it was ok as the engineers taught me so many valuable skills and provided so much support that I thrived. I am sure you can all agree that Tony is a perfect example of being an oracle of knowledge that can provide the direction and confidence to handle anything. And I thank him for all he has taught me.

After support, managed services and other endeavours, I shifted into a several roles that distanced myself from the infrastructure elements of Nexus to the software integration and development aspects of our growing company. We persisted and struggled through many lessons in project management, graphics automation and software development. Unknowingly at the time this transition started my second life at Nexus and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed since.

One of the most important things that I will take away from working at Nexus is one of my most cherished values today. Never stop learning. Nexus provides that. It always has. I think that you can all agree that the opportunity to develop your skills and provide them at an extremely professional level, amongst an exceptional group of engineers, project managers, principals, shadow directors, storage experts, network gurus, support wizards, client service masters and the occasional interrupting account director is second to none. The opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of client relationships, responsibility of service and the art of conceiving, selling and executing projects is unlike any other learning experience I have ever encountered.

John and Sean over the years have forged an exemplary company that I have been proud to be a part of and always will be. Their ability to create a working environment of collaboration, trust and responsibility is one that I hope to encounter again and again.

I want to thank Sean and John for their support and believing in me during all these years. Helping me to learn and progress my skills to the level they are today. Without their belief in me and my time at Nexus I wouldn’t be who I am today. And I know through our time together, as tumultuous as they have been on occasion, I have forged friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.

And with this I would like to conclude.

IT in all its beauty is a constant learning experience. The moment you achieve mastery in one area you are a novice in another. Find what you love to do, and you will excel at it no matter what. This is true for everyone who is working at Nexus now and it will be for the people who will walk through the door, even if they don’t realise it yet. Help them and nurture them as the people here have nurtured you.

Nexus means: ‘a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.’ Or a connected group. This couldn’t be more true of us. We are all connected in learning, in sharing and developing our abilities to help teach and provide support to those who need it most. And we do a fucking good job at it.

Some words that will always stick with me often constituted late in our chaotic town halls are: “We have the best team ever.!” Although the message is true, I have never thought they have needed to be said. Nexus will ALWAYS have the best team ever, thats what Nexus is.

A team.

Thanks to you all, Good luck for the future and I will see you around.


Live long and rock and roll.

Markus us still working with us, albeit less formally; get in touch if you need help on a project – we’d be happy to help.

Sean Murphy

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