World First – Nimble SCOM integration

Update – this post has started smashing out the Google hits for Nimble SCOM integration – so hi, you are probably here because you would like some integration of Nimble Storage with your SCOM.  We understand that Nimble, who tend to include their software in the purchase price of the platform, will have something out … timing uncertain, but feels like late 2014 to us here.   In the meantime, if you want our SCOM Nimble pack, happy to help out for USD $1000 (or for free if you buy your Nimble platform from the best integrator, Nexus.)  Drop me a note at sean dot murphy at if that’s of any interest. Cheers, SM.

Phil Sharrat, our Nimble Storage guru and fearless engineer, has been hacking into the Microsoft stack to make Boot From SAN magic happen for a large Sydney based client, lately.  Having conquered those hoary challenges, he has now come up with what we think is a world first – SCOM Nimble integration.  Here’s a sneak peak – Phil says:

Quick write-up on the SCOM / Nimble integration.

There are three rules at present that collect data from the Nimble. At the moment, it’s using static hard coded mappings but in the next stage I want this to be a dynamic discovery within SCOM, which will require no further configuration.

These rules pass property bags, which are large XML dumps filled with headers and data, back to SCOM, which receives this data after running the rule, and with specific criteria puts this XML data into the SQL database for later reporting.

At present we record Total IO Reads, Total IO Writes, and Volume Usage.

Sean Murphy

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